About Lynn

25+ years of loving animals and loving what I do!

Loving animals her entire life...

Dog grooming by a professional who loves what she does!

Our pet salon is a certified AKC S.A.F.E. Salon operated by longtime local professional groomer, Lynn Wright. She has an extensive background in dog-showing confirmation, obedience and agility, and keeps current on grooming styles and products, attending classes and online programs with regularity. She loves grooming Podcasts… check them out below.


Lynn has been grooming pets professionally for 25+ years and is a current long-standing member of the California Professional Groomers Association. Earning a degree in Equine Science, Lynn first came to California in the ’80s to train horses, yet having run dog sleds in her native Minnesota, had an inescapable knack for care of other four legged friends as well.


Lynn offers dog, cat, and bird grooming by appointment only, Mon-Tues, Thurs-Fri each week! Whether it’s a bath with brush out, nails, and ear cleaning, or a special grooming request, Lynn can help meet you and your pet’s needs.

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